Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all who have stopped in for a visit. I hope and pray that the love of the Christ child and His peace, will flood your lives this new 2009, which is almost here!!!!!
I'm happy to say I got all my Christmas cards done, and I had a couple alike, but most of them were different, which I tried to match with the person or people I was sending the cards to. One of my brothers, thought it was a store bought card, so I had to show him why his card is nothing like a Halmark card... clear down to the "Ho-Made 4 U" on the back along with the scripture verse I use and I also sign my cards. I straightened him out!!!

Anyone looking for a funny little book, I recomend the book, "Scraps Adventure in Scrapbooking" by Wendy Bagley. It's quite funny, and an easy read, and you will find yourself laughing outloud. The real scarry thing is that I'm sure you like myself, will find pieces of yourself right there in the book.

I'm working on getting my husband to set up a file just for the pictures I take of the cards that I make and the scrap pages that I get finished... so pictures soon!! I'm excited about that.

I hope you will start to stop in here for ideas and inspiration. I hope you enjoy your time here.
Thanks for stopping by!
Keep on Stampin Up!

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